Earth Photos

Earth Rotation Coincidence

In two photos, from different times, the Earth faces the same direction with the same cloud positions.
This is very unlikely, and indicates that the Earth from photo "a" was reduced and added to photo "b".

a) Frame AS11-44-6553 from lunar orbit     b) AS-40-5924 from lunar surface

NASA artists synchronized Earth photographs with their Weather Satellite Photos


Earth Phases of the Sun - pretty well synchronized

Earth - again with no stars

This video proposes a "perfect" match with what the phases should be.
But the match is NOT perfect - and should be.
The right-most image appears to be a "perfect" match, only because it has overlapping.

Apollo's Earth was too small
LRO shows its actual size

Photo from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO).  Earth is 6 times larger than the Moon.

A meteor could hit the Earth any time
We need to get our eggs on more than one basket, the Moon.

How high to go to see curvature of the Earth?