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The Living Moon - by Sam Colby
How and where NASA faked the lunar orbit, landing, and lift off

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Dr. John H. Mauldin

B.S. Engineering Physics - Cornell University
M.S. Physics - Purdue University
Ph.D. Science Education - University of Texas

by John H. Mauldin (PhD, Sci Ed, U Texas)
Volume 80 , Science and Technology Series
American Astronautical Society Publication

Letter to William Kristol

Dear Mr. Kristol, As a member of the Project for a New American Century, you may best appreciate the Project for a New American Moon. It may sound ridiculous now, but think 100 years ahead. Some nation, eventually, will become dominant on the Moon. We have the opportunity NOW, to claim the Moon as an American territory, by establishing a strong base there. The Moon has 14,700,000 square miles. By renting or selling real estate at $1 million per square mile, we can pay off $14.7 trillion of our national debt. We don't want our grand children to look up and see a Moon belonging to China and/or Russia. Please see my web site, partially in good humor, but with a serious message. The answer to our debt problem might be right up there before our eyes.  We must act now, while the US Dollar is still the world's reserve currency, to back it by real estate. We need to turn focus from funding Afghanistan to funding NASA.   Rick 202-829-4444!msg/alt.conspiracy/P6gfAyOFkjg/3kVOU6eYkd8J

1. Radiation:
      - The Van Allen radiation belt simply cannot be penetrated safely
without massive lead sheild.

      - Shuttle astronauts claim strange visual sensations and other
serious anamolies when merely approaching the belt. Yet Apollo
astronauts were somehow immune to this intense radiation.

  2. Continuity errors:
        - It appears that NASA whistleblowers INTENTIONALLY left
obvious 'smoking gun' evidence.

        - photos with camera cross-hairs BEHIND objects in the scene

        - a rock with the letter 'C' marked on it, placed on the ground
also marked 'C' (i.e. a prop in a movie studio)

        - photos of the 'same event' from different angles that just
are not consistent both in lighting and actual objects in the scene.

  3. Lighting
         - sun shadows are not parallel, as is expected from a
directional light source placed at infinity.

         - sun light appears to eminate from a specular light source,
which is simply cannot the case (it must be directional at infinity).

         - Objects lighted from both sides, even though the sun is on
one side.

  4. Miscellaneous
       - No crater under lunar landing module, as if the powerful
rockets failed to move a grain of sand as it 'landed on the moon'.

       - Video of the actual 'landing' shows no propellant being
ejected from LEM, even though Earth trials show tremendous amounts of
red smoke.

       - much more (see references)