The Moon Race is still on - and Russia could win.

As America dreams and officials lie about false landings 1969-1972, China and Russia are going to the Moon.

Putin has his eye on the ball, to put Russians as first men on the Moon.

If we don't wake up, Vladimir Putin will have the "last laugh", as a Cosmonaut says:

"Это один маленький шаг для человека, но гигантский скачок для всего человечества"
Eto odin malen'kiy shag dlya cheloveka, no gigantskiy skachok dlya vsego chelovechestva.
"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"

Soviet Moon Lander Returned Moon Rocks to the Earth

Luna 16, 20, and 24
1970 - 1976


Remote controlled machines, not men, returned Moon rocks to the Earth.

The latest (currently) Patriotic Station Kosnuvsheysya the moon 40 years ago. The machine has made the drilling of work at a depth of 2 meters, and brought the soil samples. The layout of the restored under the leadership of Ruslan komayeva on Ngos Lavochkin Association with the application of the original parts manufactured for the programme. The apparatus in the museum of space I m.

Luna missions

Luna 16 101 grams (3.6 oz) 1970
Luna 20 55 grams (1.9 oz) 1972
Luna 24 170 grams (6.0 oz) 1976
Total 326 grams (11.5 oz) .72 lbs

If Russia could do it 3 times from 1970 - 1976
NASA could have sent unadvertised unmanned landers
to bring back Moon rocks to give to the scientists.

Vyacheslav Dovgan - was a Moon Rover "Driver" 40 years ago


Russian Lunar Lander (narrated in Italian)

Not to be confused with the LUNA candy bar.

There is competition from Russia again

Russian, Italian, and American astronauts in the International Space Station

Map of Russia

"The Russians would have said something"
Все в России знают, что луна посадок были подделаны в Америке.
Russians know that America's Moon landings were fake.

Программа Аполлон Агентство специальных расследований

"Apollo" - Special Investigations Agency
TV show in Russia

Leonid Konavolov
Professor at Gerasimov Institute of Photography (VGIK)

Points out photo fakery.
Earth is too small, and layers are visible.

Astronaut could not fit through hatch with suit on.

Astronauts would have jumped much higher on the Moon.


Russian / ESA Moon Base

wpeD.jpg (1987 bytes)
Pavel Andreievich Chekov

Star Fleet Ensign and Commander



Video of Russian trips to the Moon


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