Hopping on the Moon

The Moon has 1/6 of Earth's gravity.   1.622 meters/second2
This is how high Apollo 16 astronaut John Young should have jumped.
People can jump higher than he did on Earth.   Pitiful

Height of Jump in Pixels (using Microsoft Paint)

John Young was 5 feet 9 inches tall (69 inches or 1.7526 meters or 105 pixels)
Height of jump: 25 pixels x .0166 m/px = .41 meters = 16.4 inches = 1.37 feet
4.2 ratio height of Young to 1 height of jump (same as Killian calculation)
In frames 00:00:08;17 to 00:00:09;09 for 22 frames (.734 seconds)
Photo is 96 pixels per inch resolution

Even old movies were more realistic about the jump, and the stars
George Pal, producer of Destination Moon consulted scientists
with the goal of maximum authenticity and detail with the 1949 technology
including calculations of how high an astronaut could jump on the Moon.

Jump Salute - supposedly at same time (A16)
Triangular flap above and behind helmet flies up.
Where is the dust cloud, like the other photo?

Oops.  Discontinuity error
Triangular flap should be snapped down

Mythbusters  Discover Channel 2008 - Proves the Myth
with a perfect match of the Apollo jump salute with harness and slow motion

Mythbuster Adam Savage, a self-proclaimed nerd not an athlete,
matches what the Apollo 16 astronaut did - jumping even higher.
Jarrad White's video:

Wire is visible for a split second

Astronauts obviously on a Trampoline
John Young and Charlie Duke
Lunar Olympics - Astronauts jumping in 1-6 earth gravity.mp4

NASA thinks the public is stupid

Astronauts obviously on Wires


Destination Moon (1949) movie is more realistic than
Apollo (1969) - the most expensive science fiction film

Destination Moon (1949)

Apollo Mission (1969)

Earth looks more realistic, including stars

Earth looks fake, like a model, with no stars

Earth is visible, and large with distant horizon

Big light is visible, too big for the Sun
with a short horizon. No Earth.

Descent of rocket made a blast on Moon

No sign of a descent blast under nozzle

Astronauts can jump high on the Moon

Low jumps, no higher than jumps on Earth

They brought a telescope

They did not bring a telescope.  Duh.

Camera angle makes sense

Camera angle is off
if the camera is on his chest

Camera shot is from proper angle, and shows a large Earth

Camera is too high
No Earth in background on any photos

If Destination Moon looked like Apollo, movie critics would give it bad reviews.
It would not win an Oscar Award for Special Effects

Destination Moon (George Pal Productions 1959)

Shane Killian's calculations

Weight of Apollo space suit: 185 lbs.
Weight of Apollo Portable Life Support System (PLSS): 84 lbs.
Weight of Apollo Oxygen Purge System (OPS): 41 lbs.

Total weight of Apollo Astronauts life support equipment: 310 lbs.
Total weight of Apollo Astronauts life support equipment on the Moon: 310lbs * (1.6 m/s2/9.8 m/s2) = 51 lbs


American Moon Association
Lobbying Congress for truth about the Moon and a base by 2020

False beliefs in the brain are like malware in your computer

सत्यं एव जायते
Satyam Eva Jayate
Truth Alone Triumphs




Discontinuity error
Triangular flap is usually
snapped down.

John Young Jump Salute - supposedly at same time as the video from the rover. 
Note the triangular flap above the back pack flies up, but not in the video.
Where is the dust cloud in the photo, that is seen in the video?