Moon Landing Truth

Good News: An American can still be the first - if we make an honest effort.
President Trump has ordered NASA to develop real estate for a real Moon base.

Bad News: No human being has yet landed on the Moon, or gone
beyond Earth orbit due to the deadly Van Allen Belt of radiation


Camera lights visible on Apollo photos.  James Bond 007 (1971).  Scene from Capricorn One (1978).

NASA "accidentally erased" 200000 Moon landing videos?

America should not be a country satisfied with past fake achievements,
living in a fantasy matrix, but a country that makes real achievements.

Instead of over 40 years and billions spent on developing a Moon base,
to make the human race invincible, in case something happens to Earth,
America spent it military bases, wars, drones, and NSA spying.

Corporations profited more from the fraud than a real landing.

John F. Kennedy would have preferred NASA was honest and admitted
missing the goal to "go to the Moon in this decade", than to fake it.

The first step in solving a problem is realizing there is one.
Houston, we have a problem - the Van Allen Belt of deadly radiation

"I also could not look directly at the Sun. It was too brilliant, almost like a flood light." - Buzz Aldrin
 "Although we were far from home, we were a lot closer to it than the pure distance might indicate." - 32:45 Michael Collins

Problems with the official story

1) Why have the plans for the Saturn and LEM not been put on the web? There is no reason for it, except for a cover up. The plans should have been sent to many universities.  They should have been kept for constructing a new Lunar Lander, such as for the upcoming Constellation project.

2) Why no photos of a vast horizon on the Moon?  Stanley Kubrick's scenes seem more realistic, including the Earth and stars in the background.  Apollo shots make the Moon look the size of an asteroid, with a short horizon, followed by just black.

3) Since the Moon has 1/6th of Earth's gravity, we would only need a LEM 1/6th the size of the Saturn to descend, plus another 1/6 to get back up into orbit. So the LEM would need to be 1/6+1/6 =1/3 the size of the Saturn.  At the very least, the ascent module would need more fuel, and would need to be larger.

4) The 2 astronauts would be standing too near the heat of the burning descent and ascent modules of the LEM.  How could they survive such temperature extremes - boiling in the sun and freezing in the shade?

5) Radiation and heat on the Moon are a problem for the Kodak film - and the men.

6) 42 years, and counting, since the last visit, with mobile phones with more computing power than the LEM, makes the problem increasingly obvious.  Here are 22 inventions that show how advance we are now.

7) Neil Armstrong never said "Hey, the Van Allen Belts no problem!  More people can safely go to the Moon!"   On the contrary, he became reclusive, rarely agreeing to interviews, as if ashamed to be lying.  

8) Clues in the speeches of other Astronauts:  Eugene Cernan often uses euphemisms, such as "I was the last to call the Moon my home" and other indirect speech.  They avoid saying "I walked on the Moon." 

9) "Loss" of the telemetry data, even at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.  Who would "lose" the Moon landing data tapes?  It should have been freely distributed to all interested universities, and put on the web.  This is the sign of a cover up.

10) Deliberately using 2 GHz transmission frequency from Apollo craft, which ham radio and other independent operators could not monitor, to verify location of the Apollo craft.  Only 3 satellite dishes, all owned and controlled by NASA, received the "live television footage" of the landing.  Highly suspicious.

11) There was huge, billion dollar incentives for Lockheed, Rockwell, and other contractors, to keep the ruse going on this profitable project.  It is cheaper to fake a landing than do a real one, meaning more profits.

12) America is the main exporter of illusion - mostly from Hollywood and Broadway - events that are interesting but fictional.

13) Astronauts weighing 180 pounds would weigh 30 pounds in 1/6 gravity.  Their 180 pound packs would be another 30, for a total of 60 pounds.  We saw no impressive jumps, just pitifully small hops.  John Young made highest hop on camera, only 1.5 feet when it should have been about 6 feet.

14) NASA refuses to point the Hubble Telescope to the Apollo landing sites.  Why not?  The Wide Field and Planetary Camera (WFPC) had a field of view (WF) f/12.9 - 2.6 x 2.6 arcminutes with a resolution of .043 arcseconds (pixel size Planetary Camera).  It can distinguish 2 objects 1 meter apart from 384400 km from NY to San Francisco 2500 miles away (4140 km).  The Moon is 238900 miles (384400 km)  So it could distinguish 384400 / 4140 = 92.8, or objects 100 meters or a football field from each other. So Hubble might not be able to do it.  But there are also telescopes on Earth with larger reflectors, that could be used to distinguish between the LEM and nearby equipment.  The point is, why are none of these telescopes even trying? 

15) NASA admits we don't have the technology to deal with the dust and temperature extremes.  But we did in 1969?  The recent Orion launch was unmanned, to go through the Van Allen Belt.  Why not manned?  This speaks volumes.

16) Werner Von Braun was under a very tight deadline.  (Let us remember he was a Nazi.)  Yet he had time to go to Antarctica, where Moon rocks (kicked loose by asteroids) got caught in Earth's magnetic field and fell to the Earth.  Why would he go there, unless to get samples?

17) A rock was given to the leaders of Netherlands that turned out to be petrified wood.  This should never happen.  This looks very bad. 

18)  Google Moon does NOT show the Apollo landing sites, if you remove the graphics.  And they should.  It is really  s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g  it to say a bright patch or dark spot is a Lunar Module.    (See samples at Google Moon)

19) Conversations between Astronauts on the Moon and Houston were too quick.  It takes 1.25 seconds each way for transmissions.  (see Nasa Fast Talking)

20) NASA claims to have "accidentally" erased 200000 Moon landing videos. We are seriously supposed to believe this,
and that there were no backup copies?



Fast Talking NASA
"This one right here?"  "That's it."


10 Reasons the Moon Landing is a Hoax

David McGowan links

Wagging the Moondoggle!msg/alt.conspiracy/P6gfAyOFkjg/3kVOU6eYkd8J

1. Radiation:
      - The Van Allen radiation belt simply cannot be penetrated safely
without massive lead sheild.

      - Shuttle astronauts claim strange visual sensations and other
serious anamolies when merely approaching the belt. Yet Apollo
astronauts were somehow immune to this intense radiation.

  2. Continuity errors:
        - It appears that NASA whistleblowers INTENTIONALLY left
obvious 'smoking gun' evidence.

        - photos with camera cross-hairs BEHIND objects in the scene

        - a rock with the letter 'C' marked on it, placed on the ground
also marked 'C' (i.e. a prop in a movie studio)

        - photos of the 'same event' from different angles that just
are not consistent both in lighting and actual objects in the scene.

  3. Lighting
         - sun shadows are not parallel, as is expected from a
directional light source placed at infinity.

         - sun light appears to eminate from a specular light source,
which is simply cannot the case (it must be directional at infinity).

         - Objects lighted from both sides, even though the sun is on
one side.

  4. Miscellaneous
       - No crater under lunar landing module, as if the powerful
rockets failed to move a grain of sand as it 'landed on the moon'.

       - Video of the actual 'landing' shows no propellant being
ejected from LEM, even though Earth trials show tremendous amounts of
red smoke.

       - much more (see references)



Moon Landing believers have stooped to "believe or else get punched" tactics.  Truth would never stoop so low.  If Buzz Adrin really went, he would have just laughed accusations off.  But apparently it really upsets him, that he has to live a lie, so he punched a reporter, Bart Sibrel.

It is very disappointing that NASA did not land on the Moon, and lied.  But it is better to know the truth.  The good news is that someone still has the chance to be the first man on the Moon.

Neil Armstrong - a patriot who lied for his country

After over 42 years (and counting) since the Apollo program of 1969 - 1972
This is the saddest but most important web site I have ever had to make.
America enjoyed over 40 years of honor.  But it is now time to come clean.

At the time, the USA was in a nuclear arms race with Russia as well as a Moon race.
It was vital for national security that America achieved dominance in space.

I was at the 1969 Boy Scout Jamboree in Idaho when the Moon landing occurred.
Big screens showed Eagle Scout Neil Armstrong landing.  Who would doubt it?

July 21, 1969  Is it right for an Eagle Scout to participate in a lie to thousands of Boy Scouts?
What hurts the most is that these good men were ordered to lie.

Why would men who went to the Moon look so sad?
With nerves of steel, why would they fidget with pencils?

Neil made some cryptic speeches, teary eyed, such as "there is much that is left undone." 
He was a military man under orders from Presidents LBJ and Nixon. 
Neil died of a broken heart, during cardiac surgery, probably aggravated by having to lie.

Neil proved his ability to act, play a role, recite prepared lines, and lie with a smile on shows with Bob Hope

Neil Armstrong did not want a monument of him walking on the Moon.
He wanted a burial at sea, so there was no monument nor burial site.
He knew it will eventually be found out the he did not walk on the Moon
He was just was following military orders from President LBJ and Nixon.

Purdue University named the Hall of Engineering for him, and sculpture as an ordinary guy.
He was a great pilot and astronaut, but knew he should not push the Moon landing thing.

Why Telling The Truth About The Moon Is Important for America

I am proud to have served as a contract programmer and computer instructor
for NASA, and very much WANT to believe that Apollo went to the Moon.
It made me literally sick to conclude, after carefully considering both sides,
that simulation photos and data were released to the public, as if they were real..

As a volunteer, I have lobbied Congress to get funding for NASA to go back to
the Moon, under the assumption that we already did, and could not understand
why there was not more action on the development of an American Moon base.
As I find new info, I am redesigning my web site
which used to be an effort to disprove skeptics who didn't believe Apollo landed.
I called them stupid.  But now I have to admit they were right. 
If Congress assumes we have "been there, done that" and "all we got was rocks"
(which were probably meteorites from Antarctica), they won't allocate funds.
So the truth must come out.

The U.S. Government should always tell the truth to the citizens.
The fastest way for us to get to the Moon is to be honest about the challenges ahead.
NASA is showing signs of trying to do that, and admitting the challenge of the Van Allen Belt.

What if America could get all the benefits, including the respect of the world,
and the manufacturing corporations get paid and not cancel the billion dollar contracts,
without really going to the Moon?  Would they?

If someone is lying in my name, I am not going to support them, even President Nixon.


Presidents Ford and Carter did not spill the beans, but would not continue the lie.
The false Apollo "landings" stopped.

The more I look into it, with an open mind, the more I must sadly rebut my own argument above.
Damn, I WANT to believe we went to the Moon.

If Stanley Kubrick was in charge of faking the Moon landing photos, it would look more realistic.

NASA photos show a short horizon, with no stars, and suspicious "Sun shadows" going the wrong way.
The Apollo missions do not show any photo of the Earth from the Moon surface. 
No telescope was brought to the Moon.  No photos of stars were made from the surface.

Panoramas showing Kubrick's technique of Front Screen Projection

Flagstaff Arizona's Sea of Tranquility,-111.5176442,28330m

Even if Apollo really Flagstaff Arizona in 1969-72, lets put a US flag staff on the Moon by 2020!

Dr. James Van Allen discovered a dangerous (not harmless) belt of radiation

Van Allen didn't win his many awards for discovering a belt of harmless radiation.
He saved the lives of astronauts who would have tried to go through the belt.
But he was under considerable pressure from the pro-moon landing scientists.   22:30
James Van Allen was born in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa and discovered the
Van Allen Belt of radiation that prevents man from going to the Moon
without strong protection such as lead shielding.
Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, University of Iowa

But Dr. Van Allen said "this is nonsense" possibly under duress or threats.
He discovered a fatal radiation belt, then says it is nonsense?   Nonsense.
He did not get all the awards for some harmless field of slight radiation.

The Van Allen Belt is a major obstacle to Moon landings.
His discovery saved the lives of astronauts who otherwise would have tried to go through the Belt.
He would have to speak against NASA and most Americans.

Scientists get awarded for finding something beneficial, or dangerous - but not harmless.
Note: currently someone supporting the official story posted on Wikipedia that the Van Allen Belt is safe, but it also says:
The belts are a hazard for artificial satellites and are dangerous for human beings, and are difficult and expensive to shield against.

Dr. James Van Allen did not get all the scientific awards for discovering a "harmless field of radiation". The VABelt is deadly, huge (60000 km / 37282 mi), and takes over 1.5 hours to get through at 39000 km/h or 24000 mph. He saved lives of astronauts who would have gone through it. Beyond the VAB astronauts get the full brunt of solar flares (at a high level 1969-1972). This is why the recent Orion rocket is unmanned, and measuring the radiation. Apollo astronauts could not withstand 375 rems per day when the IAEA occupational limit is 5 rems per year.

How would you stand a few hours of X-rays?

Dentists only use X-rays for about a second.

Good analysis of the Van Allen Belt Radiation
D.P. Wozney

BBC: Fake Dutch "Moon Rock" Revealed

China Lunar Lander and Rover

NASA Makes The Most Realistic Simulations


Funny video

There is competition.

Russian, Italian, and American astronauts in the International Space Station

Press Conference Video Analysis

32:45 Collins: "Although we were far from home, we were a lot closer to it than the pure distance might indicate."  (True)
33:20 LEM approached "as if they were riding on a rail"  (True)
What is being said during the periodic beep outs?
The sit up and sound more relaxed when talking about the Earth and simulations that could be done in low Earth orbit, but crouch over and fidget when talking about the Moon

47:00 Patrick Moore asks 'could You See any Stars from the surface' 48;45 Michael Collins says 'I don't remember Seeing any' He was in orbit so I presume He should have been able to See Stars clearly (when He says this, He and Armstrong look embarrassed) 

You mentioned 48:49,

Honesty is the best policy.   Truth comes out eventually.
If we rest on false laurels, we will not achieve true success.

NASAHeadquarters.jpg (3838 bytes)
American Moon Association
490 N Street, SW
Washington DC  20024
202-449-9500 Fax

Lunar Lobbyist Rick Shaddock
"America must become honestly the first country to land on the Moon."

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Man on the moon
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