It is better for America to admit the Truth
than for other countries to expose the lie.

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The Americans have lied about me.  They lied about Ukraine.   And they lied about landing on the Moon.  How can anyone believe them on anything? 

President Nixon was a troubled man, and a Republican.  He was under considerable pressure at the time to beat the Russians in the race to the Moon.  But my administration is one of transparency.  We must be honest with the American folks.  I have directed NASA to release records related to the alleged landing on the Moon during President Nixon's term of office.  We look forward to landing an American as the first person on the Moon.

Why Telling The Truth About The Moon Is Important for America

I am proud to have served as a contract programmer and computer instructor
for NASA, and very much WANT to believe that Apollo went to the Moon.
It made me literally sick to conclude, after carefully considering both sides,
that simulation photos and data were released to the public, as if they were real..

As a volunteer, I have lobbied Congress to get funding for NASA to go back to
the Moon, under the assumption that we already did, and could not understand
why there was not more action on the development of an American Moon base.
As I find new info, I am redesigning my web site
which used to be an effort to disprove skeptics who didn't believe Apollo landed.
I called them stupid.  But now I have to admit they were right. 
If Congress assumes we have "been there, done that" and "all we got was rocks"
(which were probably meteorites from Antarctica), they won't allocate funds.
So the truth must come out.

The U.S. Government should always tell the truth to the citizens.
The fastest way for us to get to the Moon is to be honest about the challenges ahead.
NASA is showing signs of trying to do that, and admitting the challenge of the Van Allen Belt.

What if America could get all the benefits, including the respect of the world,
and the manufacturing corporations get paid and not cancel the billion dollar contracts,
without really going to the Moon?  Would they?

If someone is lying in my name, I am not going to support them, even President Nixon.
The more I look into it, with an open mind, the more I must sadly rebut my own argument above.
Damn, I WANT to believe we went to the Moon.
But more importantly, I want to know the Truth.

As a kid, my brother and I had a space ship in the back yard
(actually made out of old doors)

America should not be a country satisfied with past fake achievements,
living in a fantasy matrix, but a country that makes real achievements.

Instead of over 40 years and billions spent on developing a Moon base,
to make the human race invincible, in case something happens to Earth,
America spent it military bases, wars, drones, and NSA spying.

Corporations profited more from the fraud than a real landing.

John F. Kennedy would have preferred NASA was honest and admitted
missing the goal to "go to the Moon in this decade", than to fake it.

The first step in solving a problem is realizing there is one.
Houston, we have a problem - the Van Allen Belt of deadly radiation

"I also could not look directly at the Sun. It was too brilliant, almost like a flood light." - Buzz Aldrin
 "Although we were far from home, we were a lot closer to it than the pure distance might indicate." - 32:45 Michael Collins

It is very disappointing that NASA did not land on the Moon, and lied.  But it is better to know the truth.  The good news is that someone still has the chance to be the first man on the Moon.

Moon Landing believers have stooped to "believe or else get punched" tactics.  Truth would never stoop so low.  If Buzz Adrin really went, he would have just laughed accusations off.  But apparently it really upsets him, that he has to live a lie, so he punched a reporter, Bart Sibrel.