Moon First, then Military
Moon Bases before Military Bases
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASA is the best "National Antiterrorism Security Agency"
Everyone admired America when we landed on the Moon.
Admiration = Anti-terrorism

Military hiring and spending more than ever

NASA cutting costs and making layoffs

We can not stop the huge military industrial corporations
without providing them a peaceful alternative project.
For the same $2.3 Trillion and 10 years of effort...

What we have after 9/11/2001

What we should have by 2001

Bases in Afghanistan, Iraq, and over 100 countries.
Useless bases in Germany, Italy, Japan, and other allies.

Base on the Moon
2001: a waste idiocy 2001: a space odyssey



Colonize Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries

Colonize the Moon and Mars

A base to be safe from insurgents

A base to be even safer from insurgents





If we don't do it
Russia, China, India and Japan will.

Keep America's leadership on the Moon.
Stop wasting money trying to police the Earth.

The International Military Industrial Complex (IMIC) had its birth in the USA
But they are International Corporations, not citizens dedicated to America.
They are war profiteers who profit most when countries are always at war.

Boeing, General Electric, Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon
When America runs out of money, or the Dollar is devalued
they will sell their high tech weapons to new customers in China and Russia.
The Corporations are International with allegiance to profit, not any country.

The weapons we financed the Research and Development for can be used against us.

Now the military and police have Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
the first Hunter Killers from the prophetic Terminator movies.

The International Military Industrial Complex will not down size now.
Once the corporations grow, they will never shrink willingly.
They will not close offices, plants, or research laboratories.
They will not fire people, especially the millionaires at the top.

They will find or create big high tech projects to work on.
So far, the most profitable project is a constant state of war.
IMIC thrives on the fear and military escalation of both sides.

Even if that means creating enemies, and customers, through False Flag Operations.
Fooling the public with 9/11 World Trade Center & Pentagon, 7/1 London, Underwear bomber

The best solution is to keep the IMIC busy with something else that is peaceful.
Space Exploration is a peaceful, high tech project with limitless potential.
America should fund that direction, while we still have money and influence with the IMIC.

Northrop-Grumman and Lockheed-Martin made space craft before.
We should get them back to making modern versions.
Turn the Military Industrial Complex into the Moon Industrial Complex.

What we are funding

What we should be funding

Billions to the NSA
to listen to phone calls
99% of traffic   cannot be analyzed

Move the billions to NASA
for space exploration
99% of space is not even surveyed yet

U.S.S. Enterprise
and obsolete aircraft carriers
Fighting who - Al Queda's battleships and jets?
Huge targets easily sunk by China missiles.  Antagonistic.
Useless, expensive posturing missions around the planet.

Star Ship Enterprise
and space craft of the future
to bring invincibility to America and
the human race in case something happens to Earth
Useful missions to other planets

Annapolis Naval Academy and West Point

Teaching Candidates how to kill

Star Fleet Academy

Teaching Candidates how to explore the galaxies

Phony War on Terror

Star Wars

Arms Race

Space Race

Wars for Oil

Space Based Solar Power

Protecting oil only for the rich corporations

For unlimited free energy - enough for everyone

Oil is stored Solar energy from millions of years ago

Solar energy reaches Earth in abundance now and every second.

Global Warming

Moon Warming

Thousands of low to middle class soldiers died for the upper class riches

Moon with a ring of solar panels beams power to Earth

Creating fear and Enemies against America
from around the world

Creating admiration and Friends for America
from around the world

Cheering the lynching of Bin Laden

Cheering the Astronauts who landed on the Moon

Being the "Bad Ass" Americans
trying to make the world fear us

Being the Amazing Americans
making the world admire us

NSA $36 billion (classified)
$600 billion for Department of Defense

only a $18.5 Billion budget

So-called "National Security Agency"

NASA is the best "National Anti-terrorism Security Agency"

Presidents Bush and Obama
"We will get Bin Laden, dead or alive."

President John F. Kennedy
"We choose to go to the Moon."

Support our Troops

Support our Astronauts

SEAL Assassins creating more terrorists
from the families and friends of those we kill
thus making America less safe.

Apollo Astronauts - true heroes
creating world wide admiration and friends
thus making America more safe.

"Geronimo EKIA - Enemy killed in action."

"Tranquility Base.  The Eagle has landed"

American crowds cheer Bin Laden is dead

American and International crowd cheers Astronauts

Shock and Awe
Making America feared and hated

Making America admired and loved

Begrudging respect from occupied citizens
"Respect us or we will kill you."

True respect from fans world wide
No need to even ask.

Killer Drone docks in hangar
after killing unarmed civilians

Space shuttle docking
in the Space Station

Remote killing via Drones from a base

Peaceful remote communication from space


Space ship Discovery

Mobile killing robot

Mars Surveyor

War Drive

Warp Drive

Satellites to spy on the Earth

Satellites to explore the galaxies

Engage!  (Collateral Murder Video)


TV Show featuring a Moon Base
Gerry Anderson's TV series about SHADO

Made in England


There are many ways that mankind could possibly perish on Earth


Failed diplomacy, atomic bombs, world war

Epidemic disease/ overpopulation

Global warming and floods


Solar flares

Space colonization is mankind's only true security against extinction.

"Only an alert, and knowledgeable citizenry
can compel the proper meshing of the
huge industrial and military machinery of defense
with our peaceful methods and goals,
so that security and liberty may prosper together."
President and General Dwight D. Eisenhower

Write Your Congressman and Senator

Redirect Funds from War to Space
Colonize, Claim, and Collateralize the Moon
to pay off $17.4 Trillion of National Debt

New Technology for Permanent Peace
Permanent Peace

Invincible America - using the power of Collective Consciousness

What is the proper role of the Military?


Star Trek Theme

Will the first Moon Base be Chinese, Russian or American?

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