Web  Site Mission - Truly Go to the Moon
not just with Grumman's Remote Controlled Lunar Module Truck

The purpose of this web site used to be to defend the official Moon landing story,
but during the process, we realized Nixon's 1969-1972 landings were fabricated,
even if done with good intentions, to avoid nuclear war with Russia at the time.

1. To boldly go where no man has (truly) gone before

2. Inspire Americans and NASA to establish a Moon base by 2020
with reasons to make it a high priority as a vital strategic location.

3. To promote truth about our accomplishments so far,
and stop resting and sleeping on past false laurels

4. Acknowledge the Van Allen Belt radiation problem
then solve it.  We can't solve a problem until we confront it.

5. Prevent "Tortoise and the Hare" situation
America sleeps, dreaming about a 1969-1972 fantasy,
while Russia or China land on the Moon first.

  Yutu rover emblazoned with Chinese Flag as seen by the Chang'e 3 lander on the moon on Dec. 15, 2013.  Credit: China Space
The easiest country to beat to the Moon is the one that sleeps, dreaming it already went.

Bad news: the USA never really landed men on the Moon in 1969-1972

Good news: an American can still be the first on the Moon in this generation.

Corporations made billions from the Moon race and wanted it to continue.

Did all the money go to space exploration, or did some go for black ops or weapons development?

It is better for America to admit the Truth
than for other countries to expose the lie.

Russia's President at the UN

President Obama (recommended speech)

The Americans have lied about me, and Russia.  They lied about Ukraine.   And they lied about landing on the Moon.  How can anyone believe them on anything?

President Nixon was a troubled man, and a Republican.  He was under considerable pressure at the time to beat the Russians in the race to the Moon.  But my administration is one of transparency.  We must be honest with the American folks.  I have directed NASA to release records related to the alleged landing on the Moon during President Nixon's term of office.  We look forward to landing an American man, or woman, as the first person on the Moon.


The International Moon and Star Registry
Occupy the Moon

If we landed men on the Moon in 1969 we should be able to do it again.

A Moon base would be a highly beneficial base for the USA as a position of influence for any travel beyond the Moon If the USA could go, we would.

The USA has enough money to bail out bankers for $700 billion.  A single air craft carrier costs about $10 billion $30 billion should be no problem.

Now that we have a Space Station, where hundreds of Astronauts have gone,
a good platform for going on to the Moon, there is no reason for not going after 43 years
-- unless the Van Allen Belts of deadly radiation are an obstacle.

Mission: American Base on the Moon by 2020
with U.S. Constitutional government and rights

Promoting the truth about NASA's missions
to quickly colonize the Moon for America

American can STILL be first on the Moon
Unfortunately we did NOT really land there YET.
Please click for list of sadly mounting evidence.

In order to go forward honestly,
we have to realize where we are now.

The fastest road to a Moon base is on the basis of truth

The first step in solving a problem is realizing there is one.
Houston, we have a problem - the Van Allen Belt of deadly radiation

Finding there were too many unsolved problems,
President Nixon, the only president to have resign
for lying (about Watergate) evidently ordered NASA to lie,
to try to be better than JFK and beat the Russians,
by releasing simulation photos and data as if real.

The Moon Race is still on.
NASA will not get the necessary funding
if Congress thinks we have "been there, done that."

It is time to stop the phony baloney 1969 photos,
meteorite rock, "lost data" and cover up.
Stop insulting the intelligence of the American people.

Mankind needs a "2nd basket" to put our eggs in.
Peaceful expansion to pay off the National debt

If the USA rests on false past laurels, then
China or Russia might truly land there first.

China and Russia are patiently, and tactfully playing along with NASA
because their Moon capsule would be an easy target for an "accident"
in the form of "meteors" (actually shrapnel from a USA missile)
and other sabotage and sanctions by America.

We're already "promising the Moon" anyway, to those who buy U.S. Treasury bonds.
Back up our bonds with solid collateral - such as real estate - not just empty space.
The Moon will be crucial real estate for space exploration in the next century.
Buy U.S. Treasury Bonds - backed by America, and the Moon

A Loony Idea? 
What is more loony than bailing out billionaire bankers by printing $700 billion
backed by nothing but space?  Better to have a currency backed up by land.

 Newt Gingrich promises permanent US Moon base if elected