Where could the Moon film editing studio be to have such expertise?

U.S. Air Force Motion Picture Squadron
8935 Wonderland Avenue, Los Angeles, California - at the corner of Hollywood Place
Fully functional, self-contained, state-of-the-art filming, editing, and special effects video
near the world's experts in film technology

Where could the videos be edited and processed, without anyone finding out?  

A top security, completely self-sufficient, facility would be needed.  Here are some possibilities.

Lookout Mountain Air Force Station - Laurel Canyon near Hollywood, California
8935 Wonderland Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90046, corner of Hollywood Place.

1352nd Motion Picture Squadron

The most sophisticated, self-contained film studio on Earth

In the 1960s, Lookout Mountain, AFS was staffed by more than 250 military and civilian personnel. The studio employed many talented civilians as producers, writers, directors, cameramen, editors and animators. Many of these "old timers" had worked at Warner Bros., Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Universal and RKO Pictures."[9]

Required no subcontracting out of any work, for security

Propaganda film studio

5 miles from Hollywood, California

The offices of the Commander, Executive, Administrative, Comptroller, Manpower, Procurement, Base Supply, Civilian and Military Personnel, and Information Office were located at the "Annex" at 10850 Riverside Drive, Suite 208 of the North Hollywood Federal Building in North Hollywood.[3]

1352nd Motion Picture Squadron,  a.k.a. 1352d Photographic Group

Between 1946 and 1969, Lookout Mountain studio produced more than 6,500 films for the Atomic Energy Commission and other government agencies. Many of these films remain classified.[13]

Now owned by actor Jared Leto for $5 million, January 2015, singer of 30 Seconds to Mars

June 1968 the USAF Photographic Group relocated to Norton Air Force Base, San Bernardino, CA for more security
1 hour and 18 minute drive from Hollywood, California

8935 Wonderland Avenue to Hollywood - 4.9 miles