Senator Ted Cruz

Republican Senator from Texas
Chairman of the Space, Science and Competitiveness
Committee which oversees NASA

Senator Ted Cruz visited Mt. Pleasant, Iowa - the birth place of Dr. James Van Allen
and had not yet heard about the Van Allen Belts of 100 REM/hour radiation around the Earth
since he is a lawyer and had not taken Astronomy courses at Princeton or Harvard.

Rick Shaddock, former NASA contract computer programmer (Procurement Tracking System)
and a volunteer as Director of Education for the the American Moon Association on K Street
traveled from Washington, DC to Mt. Pleasant, Iowa to give Senator Cruz a report
about the dangerous radiation belts which require a thicker walls of the new Orion capsule,
the stronger SLS booster rockets needed to propel the heavier Orion capsule into space, and
Russia's apparent plan to put a man on the Moon first, while many Americans think we already did.

Sen. Cruz was open minded, and promised to read the materials in his car on his way to the next campaign stop.
He learned that Dr. James Van Allen discovered radiation belts of 100 REM/hour (fatal after 5 hours)
that would prevent the Apollo astronauts from going higher than 1000 miles above the Earth..

The Van Allen Belts are the biggest barrier against going to the Moon for Apollo's aluminum capsule.
The new Orion capsule has thick, heavy radiation shielding.

The next biggest barrier to American dominance of the Moon
is that too many Americans think we already landed a men in 1969.
With the "been there, done that" attitude, NASA does not receive the necessary funding.

Giving Senator Cruz information about Dr. James Van Allen and the VAB

Most Russian citizens know Americans have a "been there, done that" attitude
which could give them time to catch up, send a Russian crew, and win the Moon Race.

Dr. James Van Allen (PhD, Physics, University of Iowa)
Professor Emeritus, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Iowa
Born in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, and class valedictorian

Scientific American March 1959

Radiation Belts around the Earth

by Dr. James Van Allen

Ted Cruz, Republican Senator from Texas and Chairman of the Space, Science and Competitiveness Committee which oversees NASA visits Mt. Pleasant, the birth place of Dr. James Van Allen who discovered the belts of radiation (100 REM/hour) from 1000-26000 miles above the Earth, the biggest barrier to Apollo astronauts going to the Moon.

NASA's Orion mission Engineer Kelly Smith says the Van Allen Belts are dangerous

No astronauts will be aboard Orion, to measure the "extreme radiation"
"deeper into space than we have ever gone before"
"Van Allen Belts - an area of dangerous radiation"
 "We must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space"

New Orion capsule with radiation shielding

Black blocks of radiation shielding

More about the radiation resistant Orion capsule

NASA Knows about the Van Allen Belts
The new Orion capsule has enough shielding to protect the astronauts
so we can really go to the Moon.

NASA needs to get the USA back in the Moon Race

Forbes Magazine
China Likely To Beat NASA Back To The Moon

Physics-Astronomy Magazine
NASA Scientists Say We Could Colonise the Moon by 2022 - for Just $10 Billion
The Wall Street bank bail outs were $700 billion, and 9/11 Wars were over $1 Trillion.

Will the first Moon Base be Chinese, Russian or American?

Which country will lead our future Star Treks?

Open Letter to Senator Ted Cruz
Chairman of the Committee overseeing NASA

Sen. Cruz was asked to charge NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden
with focusing on an American Moon Base.   
(No response or action on this from Sen. Cruz in many months)

Signature by Senator Ted Cruz, who is now aware of Dr. James Van Allen
and the Van Allen Belts of radiation as of October 20, 2015

Trump Supporter teaches Senator Cruz high school astronomy

Open Message to Senator Ted Cruz
(No response yet from Cruz)

Dear Senator Cruz:

Please see the Forbes article: "China Likely To Beat NASA Back To The Moon" by Bruce Dorminey. This is a matter of national security and America's standing in the world community. As Chairman of the Senate committee overseeing NASA, history will judge YOU on whether the USA kept its dominance in space. I met you in Mt. Pleasant, the home of Dr. James Van Allen, who discovered the Van Allen Belts of high radiation that even NASA astronauts (Col. Terry Virts) and scientists (Kelly Smith) say are a barrier to going above 1000 miles.

Regardless of whether President Nixon's landings in 1969-1972 were real or an effective way to psych out the Soviet Union, no one doubts that no nation has a Moon base yet. We are at your service and urge you to press for an American Moon base by the year 2025. Let's make the Moon American again.

Rick Shaddock
American Moon Association
1629 K Street, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20006

Call to office of Senator Ted Cruz: TedCruzMoon1.MP3

Donald Trump will make the Moon American again
and pay off $17 trillion of national debt with real estate