American Moon - Trump

Thanks to you who signed our Petition to President Trump    Mission Accomplished!

Open letter to President Donald Trump
Make American First on the Moon again!
Develop real estate we pioneered, and make it the 51st state
as collateral, and sell land to pay off $17 trillion of our national debt.

Space race not Arms race.   Warp drive not war drive.

Whoever develops the Moon, owns it, and is the Land Lord
There is Money in the Moon.
Thousands of High Tech Jobs for American Engineers and Construction Workers
China, Russia, tourists and tenants will pay for it.

We are the nation that won two world wars
that dug out the Panama Canal,
that put a man on the Moon
and satellites all over space.
But somewhere along the way,
we started thinking small.
I am asking you to dream big again
and bold and daring things for your country will happen once again.
I am asking you to join me
in this next chapter of this unbelievable and unprecedented movement
as we work torward prosperity at home, peace abroad,
new frontiers in science, technology, and SPACE.

American foot prints on distant
worlds are not too big a dream.

President Donald Trump
State of the Union Message
February 28, 2017

Get us to First Base

Donald made a hit, got to First Base, and brought a runner
safe to home base to win the championshipfor NYMA.
He can get NASA safely home on the First Base on the Moon.

Please sign our petition : 

Within 1 year of signing an American Moon Base (hand) bill, President Trump
signs Space Council Executive Order to Make America First on the Moon again! ;)
Missile manufacturers shooting for the Moon not Middle East!
Space Race not Arms Race! Warp Drive not War drive!  Aug 5, 2016 June 30, 2017

NASA staff admitting Fake News - no Moon landing yet
Yet the stronger SLS rocket and Van Allen Belt radiation resistant
Orion capsule can Make American First on the Moon

NASA Astronauts Col. Terry Virts, Dr. Kathleen Rubins, and Dr. Kelly Smith (NASA Engineer)
say in official NASA videos that no one has gone beyond Earth orbit, through the Van Allen Belts of dangerous radiation, yet. Virts Rubins Smith

Kate Rubins with President Trump congratulate Peggy Whitson for breaking the record for days in orbit by a US astronaut, 534 days. At 3:33 she hints that the "Space Station is providing a key bridge from us living on Earth to going somewhere into deep space" and the SLS "will take us further than we have ever been away from this planet."
  24 April 2017

Dear Mr. President Trump,

Please consider talking about American colonization of the Moon,
establishing USA's ownership, and paying off $17 trillion of the national debt.
This will inspire millions of citizens to work to make America great again.

As a real estate developer, you are the only President who thinks big
enough to comprehend the value of this new property.  If China or Russia
want to establish a base, or go to Mars, the Moon is a crucial first base.

In Cosmic Consciousness, you think "outside the box" and "outside the globe".
That's why you are worth $10 billion, and the other candidates are not.

All great ideas sound ridiculous at first.   For example, it was once
"impossible" to talk to people on the other side of the Earth,
before cell phone technology and modern telecommunications.

President John F. Kennedy was ridiculed at first about his Moon speech.
Politicians criticized him for not focusing on problems here on Earth.

Donald, you can make a history making speech, similar to JFK's.
"This nation should commit itself to achieving the goal,
before a decade is out, of establishing a base on the Moon."

"We will build the wall" is inspiring, yet it is about making limits.
"We will build a Moon base" is even more inspiring, about no limits.
This is a goal every human being can rally around, including Mexicans.

You know the value of competition. Competition brings out our best.
Over 40 years of "international cooperation" has accomplished little.
The USA, along with China and Russia, have become complacent.
The whole human race has lost out by having no more Moon race.
A large dark asteroid could hit Earth any time, wiping out humanity.

Many high tech jobs could be created by our assuming leadership
and ownership of the Moon, collecting money on land options and
property sales to finance the rocket and other technical development.

Getting America back in the Moon Race will bring a "brain drain"
of top scientists and engineers from other countries back to the USA.
Thousands of jobs would be created, as they were in the 1960's,
for American citizens, not illegal aliens.

Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon, through the Moon Race,
stimulated American industry jobs in the 1960-1970's, with many
side benefits to the public, from Tang to memory foam mattresses.
Developments in rocket technology helped our national defense.

The Russians have just announced their plans to colonize the Moon,
with help from the European Space Agency. Not NASA, but ESA!

Forbes just published "China Likely To Beat NASA Back to the Moon"

You are a great builder.  Your company can build a great base on the Moon.
Russia, China, Mexico, tourists, and others will pay for it - through various fees:

Revenue source Potential revenue
Property Sales $1,000,000 per square mile
Rental / Land Lease $2000 / month per square mile
Security Deposit $2000 per square mile
Trump Interstellar Hotel $300/night, double, 5 star
Trump Space Port fees $500 per lunar landing
Moon Base Management $100/hour per worker
Trump Construction fees $100/hour per worker
Trump Architect Services $200/hour per architect
Trump Shuttle $500 to Space Station
Trump Hotel Space Station $300/night
Earth View Golf Course $180 / 18 crater game
Miss Moon Beauty Pageant Miss Universe prize

As the Land Lord the USA could charge the above prices to others.
As tenants, we would have pay China or Russia possibly more rent
or be cut off from a crucial stepping stone for space exploration.

Moon Mining

The Moon has many precious minerals, such as:

We can afford it.

If Bush and Obama had $700 billion to bail out Wall Street,
the USA can afford about $30 billion to go to the Moon.

Many, including NASA astronauts and scientists, say that the
Van Allen Belts of deadly radiation prevented the Apollo crews
from going beyond Earth orbit, and that rocks can be brought
back by remote controlled landers as Russia's Luna did in 1970.

This would be another example of lying to the American citizens
and huge waste of tax payer funds.  However if Richard Nixon
psyched out and collapse the Soviet Union, it was effective strategy.

You rightly stated on CNN to Wolf Blitzer: "Everything in
Washington is a lie."  Donald Trump will bring Truth to America.

Regardless of whether you believe the 1969-1972 missions were
faked, it is high time for NASA to put Americans on the Moon
by 2025, in your Presidential administration.  The heavy radiation
shields of the Orion capsule, and the stronger rocket boosters
are almost ready for a real Moon landing.

If any nation is to colonize the Moon it should be a nation
that respects human rights, as we do with the U.S. Constitution.
China and Russia will establish a Communist dictatorship.

Here again, the USA is losing out, from our stupid DC politicians.
We spent $30 billion of US taxpayer money to go to the Moon,
risking our astronaut lives and plant 6 flags. Then US politicians
agreed to a stupid treaty which shares the Moon with other countries
that cannot even go there. They can claim land, and we get nothing!

This is a worse treaty the Iran nuclear deal.  Total incompetence!
They literally gave away the Moon - the world's worst negotiation.

We allow the Russians to use the International Space Station
which was mostly created with NASA funds. They are learning
all about our technology. Then they could use it as a platform
to develop their Moon colonies.  Is Congress stupid or what?

There are 17,000,000 square miles of real estate on the Moon.
Regions with an Earth view, and water could sell for more.
Parcels of 1 square mile could be sold for $1,000,000
to other countries, eliminating $17 trillion in our national debt.

The cost of the Apollo program was $30 billion, which is $194
billion in today's dollars per 
We spent more on the F35, which is useless against terrorists.

NASA's budget is $17 billion per year, accomplishing little.
Astronauts go up, and down, and orbit around.  That's it!

Lunar property provides real collateral for the US Dollar which
is currently backed only by nothing - empty space.  The Treasury
"promises the Moon" to those who buy U.S. bonds anyway.

The land we are now standing on was once owned by natives.
But the settlers, with boldness and strength claimed it.

The same goes for the Moon. It belongs to whoever has the
guts and strength to claim it. Donald Trump has what it takes.
The Moon could even become the 51st state.

This plan will get the Evolutionary Force of Nature behind the
Trump campaign. It is our destiny to expand the human race
to the stars. The first stepping stone is the Moon.

I worked for NASA as a computer programming contractor
at the DC Headquarters and Goddard Space Flight Center,
for 3 years, and was disappointed that there seemed go be
no plans to develop the property that the USA pioneered.

No other candidate is talking about what is right up there
in front of us every night. Even talking about a Moon base
will help inspire Democrats to turn into Trump supporters.

Politicians have not accomplished a Moon landing in 44 years
G.W. Bush talked about it in 2004, then nothing came of it.

Rafael Ezequel Cruz is Chairman of the Senate Committee
overseeing NASA and did not even know what the Van Allen
Belts (the biggest obstacle) are until I told him in Mt. Pleasant.

When weapon manufacturers want more war profits, they lobby
Congress for an aggressive foreign policy.  The Moon Race
will give the a peaceful way to profit from rocket technology.

Lockheed can make lunar landers again, not death drones.
Without war profiteers lobbying Congress for more wars,
to pay their payroll, world peace can finally be achieved.

The Trump City Moon Base will make the human species
invincible for the first time in all of history.  Even if the Earth
becomes uninhabitable by global warming, a nuclear disaster,
or a dark "planet killer" asteroid that could come any time,
the Trump City citizens will keep the human race alive.

Let's make American great again, as it was with JFK.
Let's make the Moon American again.

Rick Shaddock 
(Trump campaign delegate for Fairfield Iowa)
American Moon Association
1629 K Street NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20006
202-449-9500 fax
Lobbying Congress for a American Moon base within a decade

Secure the Moon.  Secure the Dollar.

Donald signed handbill proposal without hesitation at an Iowa rally about an American Moon Base.

Vice Presidential candidate Governor Mike Pence signed an American Moon Base bill.

He realized it was a great idea then asked to take it with him to show Donald Trump.
So It was not such a crazy idea after all.
Many people thought that about President Kennedy's idea in the 1960's.


Trump's Moon Base can literally ensure the safety of the human race

It is actually no joke, and a very serious matter for mankind.
A dark, fast meteor would not be detectable and could hit the Earth any time.
We need to get our eggs (and women) on more than one basket, the Moon.

Asteroid 2016-WF9 may hit the Earth, according to an astronomer

The most important race is the human race.
All our eggs have been in one basket - Mother Earth

We need more Mothers on the Moon
for invincibility of the human species
First Man and Woman on Moon Base Alpha

Project Moon Base (1953)

To the Moon Alice!  - from the Honey Mooners 

The Moon is probably worth at least $17 Trillion
17 million square miles x $1 million per square mile,
or will be eventually, and will save the USA from bankruptcy.

Dr. Paul Spudis, PhD, NASA scientist, and author of The Value Of The Moon
about the monetary and strategic value of the Moon for America.

Trump City and the 5 star Interstellar Hotel 
Managed by Baron Trump
in the future

Earth View Plaza

We will build a wall - on the Moon too.
Trump Construction is on budget and ahead of schedule
Jobs for American citizens - not illegal aliens

Earth View 18 Crater Golf Course

Trump Shuttle

TRUMP Space Station 5 Hotel

Trump Hotel on Space Station 5 perhaps managed by Theodore Trump Kushner in the future
The movie "2001: a space odyssey" almost had it right, with the Hilton hotel.

photos from 2001; a space odyssey

Trump Hotel lobby on Space Station 5

American Moon Base largely built by Trump Construction

Trump Construction Company surveyors plan the next building

Building the foundation for Trump Interstellar Hotel

Miss Moon

NASA Astronettes compete in the Miss Universe pageant on Earth sponsored by the Trump Organization.

We were supposed to have this by 2001
and all we got was 9/11
We could have had this for the Trillion$ wasted on the 9/11 Wars

Senator Ted Cruz is the Chairman of the Senate Committee that oversees NASA

Ted Cruz is Chairman of the Senate Committee that oversees NASA

Senator Ted Cruz visited Mt. Pleasant Iowa, the birth place of Dr. James Van Allen
in October 2015 and had not heard about the Van Allen Belts of 100 REM/hour radiation.

Ted is a lawyer, and did not take Astronomy courses at Princeton or Harvard. 
He was open minded and happy to receive the Scientific American paper
and other information from the American Moon Association.

Sadly, Senator Cruz has done very little to get NASA to establish an American Moon base.
Total incompetence.

The Moon Race is still on - and Russia could win.

As over-confident America dreams about false landings of 1969-1972, China and Russia are going to the Moon for real - like the "tortoise and the hare".
Americans have a false "been there, done that" attitude
that China and Russia loves, giving them more time to catch up.

Putin has his eye on the ball,
to put Russians as first men on the Moon.

We fooled the Russians in 1969, but if we don't wake up, Vladimir Putin will have the "last laugh".

If we don't wake up, and get busy, a Russian Cosmonaut may soon say:
"Это один маленький шаг для человека, но гигантский скачок для всего человечества"
Eto odin malen'kiy shag dlya cheloveka, no gigantskiy skachok dlya vsego chelovechestva.
"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"

Putin's Potential Plan for a Russian as First Man Put on the Moon
1. Put on an act, playing along with Americans who believe NASA landed back in 1969
2. Continue to cooperate on the International Space Station.  Let NASA focus on Mars.
3. Send a Lunar Module to dock with the ISS, then take Cosmonauts to the Moon.
4. Diplomatically announce "surprise" no footprints are found from the Apollo missions.
Plan: Patience, Play-along, Prepare, Pounce....Check mate

Russian Official Proposes International Investigation of Moon Landings - June 2015

or worse - China could win the Moon Race!

Forbes:  China Likely To Beat NASA Back To The Moon

Chinese students are attending MIT, CalTech and top US universities
with the idea of helping China to establish the first Moon base
but America will give them jobs making the Moon American

Whoever has a Base on the Moon first is the Owner 

The Moon is worth Money and Trump is the best real estate developer.

We need a Full Moon - Full of American Pioneer Settlers

Donald Trump knows the value of prime real estate and Earth view property.
The Moon is worth Money - a lot in the future

Donald the Moon Tycoon

Conan O'Brien show: "Let's fix the Moon"
Donald Trump, Aug 18, 2015

Moon defends hosting Trump

Moon is the Trump Card
The Moon (XVIII) is the eighteenth Trump card in Tarot decks.
Trump looks on the Twin Tower disaster and gets America to the Moon

No other Presidential candidate is mentioning the Moon
even though it is often right up there in front of us.

Whoever wins the Moon Race, the stepping stone to other planets, could dominate the Universe

Forbes Magazine
China Likely To Beat NASA Back To The Moon

Physics-Astronomy Magazine
NASA Scientists Say We Could Colonise the Moon by 2022 - for Just $10 Billion

Will the first Moon Base be Chinese, Russian or American?

Which country will lead our future Star Treks?
Which country will dominate the galaxy?
China, Russia - or America?
|Dictatorship - or Democracy

Military hiring and spending more than ever

NASA cutting costs and making layoffs



American base in Afghanistan

American base on the Moon

War Drive

Warp Drive

Billions to the NSA
to listen to phone calls
99% of traffic   cannot be analyzed

Move the billions to NASA
for space exploration
99% of space is not even surveyed yet

U.S.S. Enterprise
and obsolete aircraft carriers
Fighting who - Al Queda's battleships and jets?
Huge targets easily sunk by China missiles.  Antagonistic.
Useless, expensive posturing missions around the planet.

Star Ship Enterprise
and space craft of the future
to bring invincibility to America and
the human race in case something happens to Earth
Useful missions to other planets


Conveniently located near Capitol Hill and NASA Headquarters

American Moon Association

1629 K Street NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC  20006
American Moon Association
Lobbying Congress and NASA for an American Moon Base within the decade
Fund more NASA not NSA. Space Race not Arms Race. Warp drive not war.

Lobbying Washington to establish an American Moon Base within the decade

Trump signs American Moon Base bill

Donald signed a handbill without hesitation in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (July 28, 2016),1700019564

Donald Trump holds rally in Moon township


Dear Mr. President Trump,
Please use your real estate development expertise, and ability to think big, reach for the sky, and "think outside the globe", to establish a base on the Moon. We can establish USA's ownership of the 17 million square miles of land, then rent or sell property at $1 million per square mile to pay off $17 million of our national debt. China, Russia, Mexico, and tourists will pay for the walls and buildings. This will create thousands of high tech jobs for Americans, as President John F. Kennedy did. He was ridiculed by the press, but he made the Moon American "before this decade is out". Presidents since JFK have failed to follow through on this strategic location for further space travel. Make the Moon American again!

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter photos of descent stages of unmanned LEM.
Ascent stage brought back rocks from the Moon as did Russia's Luna 16 in 1970.