Mission: Make America First on the Moon again
Fund more NASA not NSA. Space Race not Arms Race. Warp drive not war drive
A real American Moon Base with mothers for a 2nd basket for human eggs
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President Trump and Vice President Pence were inspired to go to the Moon while at a rally in Iowa in 2016.

The important thing is not if a man landed on the Moon in 1969,
but how soon we can definitely land an American on the Moon.

We applaud NASA for finally telling the truth
about the Van Allen Belts of deadly radiation
with the new Artemis & Orion Moon mission

The Constellation program to put men on the Moon has at its mission of Human Exploration:
"NASA is beginning a new era in space exploration where we will build the capabilities to send humans deeper into space than ever before."


If humans really went to the Moon, then why is it "deeper than ever before"?

Why do the new Orion missions to the Moon need 2 rockets
one which has 2 solid fuel boosters,
if the Apollo missions supposedly only needed 1 rocket?


NASA's new generation admits: no Moon landing yet
Yet the stronger SLS rocket and Van Allen radiation resistant
Orion capsule can Make American First on the Moon

NASA Astronauts Col. Terry Virts, Dr. Kathleen Rubins, and Dr. Kelly Smith (NASA Engineer)
say in official NASA videos that no one has gone beyond Earth orbit, through the Van Allen Belts of dangerous radiation, yet.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gJ0DfULLGU#t=16m0s Virts
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P03vvRW5EIg#t=8m40s Rubins
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpXEpJAb8ZY#t=3m0s Smith

Press Conference about Atemis on August 4, 2022

NASA's Artemis 1 launch with the new SLS rocket is scheduled August 29 as an unmanned mission to orbit the Moon. Michael Sarafin, Artemis Mission Manager says at 16:00

"We are also going to fly out through the Earth's Van Allen Radiation Belts. We will no longer be afforded the ability to have the Earth's magnetic field shield us from the deep space environment. So, we are going to fly into the deep space high radiation environment. We will see what it is like for astronauts to fly on subsequent missions under those conditions."
(Hmm. Didn't Apollo missions do that in 1969-1972? Artemis 1 will do unmanned testing as Apollo 6 did in 1968.)

Bill Nelson, NASA Administrator:
"It's a future where NASA will land the first woman and first Person Of Color on the Moon." (How about just the best qualified?)
"Orion will venture farther than any space craft built for humans has ever flown"

Howard Hu, Orion Program Manager at 37:00
"We are going to be able to execute the entire space craft system, and demonstrate all the capabilities we have shown on the ground, in that harsh deep space environment."

Dr. Bhavya Lal at 21:00:
"As Orion will be beyond the protection of Earth's magnetic field it will be exposed to a harsher radiation environment than crews aboard the International Space Station experience. Mike mentioned the Van Allen Belts...Radiation is one of the top challenges for human exploration beyond LEO (Low Earth Orbit)."


John Honeycutt, SLS Program Manager (33:00)
"So now, for the first time since 1972, we are launching a vehicle that is designed for deep space...I have a high level confidence that we will be able to send humans into deep space."

The $93-billion plan to put astronauts back on the Moon

Top 10 Reasons for Critical Thinking about the 1969-1972 Moon Landings

The Moon Race is still on
China or  Russia could win.

As over-confident America dreams about false landings of 1969-1972, China and Russia are going to the Moon for real - like the "tortoise and the hare".

Putin has his eye on the ball,
to put Russians as first men on the Moon.

Forbes Magazine
China Likely To Beat NASA Back To The Moon

Physics-Astronomy Magazine
NASA Scientists Say We Could Colonise the Moon by 2022 - for Just $10 Billion

Open Letter to Senator Ted Cruz
Chairman of the Committee overseeing NASA

Please ask NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden for the truth.
and make a historic speech to Congress, similar to JFK's:
"This nation should commit itself to achieving the goal,
before this decade is out, of establishing a Moon base
and returning astronauts safely to the Earth."

Informing Senator Cruz about the Van Allen Belts, in Dr. Van Allen's home town in Iowa

Open Letter to Donald Trump
Make the Moon American Again
Develop real estate the USA pioneers and make it the 51st state
as collateral and sell land to pay off $17 trillion of our national debt.
Somebody will claim the land some day.  Not such a crazy idea after all.
poster   TrumpMoon.com

NASA's new Project Constellation and Orion Mission
 is truthful about the Van Allen Belts of deadly radiation

"NASA's Project Constellation is responsible for making the United States Space Exploration Policy a reality"
- not a fake.

Van Allen Belt of deadly radiation
500 to 60000 miles above the Earth
170 REM will kill within 60 days 20-30%
blindness 20% 30-60 days
70 REM - vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea
Operation Starfish exploded an atom bomb in the belt but made matters worse.

Dr. James Van Allen, of the University of Iowa, was noted for discovering this deadly field of radiation and saved the lives of astronauts.  He was wooed and pressured to call his own research "nonsense".  He gave in somewhat, in an alleged email, but never published any paper refuting his original findings, such as those in Scientific American.

Spacecraft would need 10 centimeters of aluminum
(length of a cigarette)
to reduce Dose to 10 REMs
But CM and LEM were aluminum
as thin as 1.8 centimeters.  source

Inner Belt 1000-8000 miles
Outer Belt 12000-25000 miles

Scientific American March 1959

Radiation Belts around the Earth

by Dr. James Van Allen

Conclusion on page 47
Click for Complete PDF

Our measurements show that the maximum radiation level as of 1958 is equivalent to between 10 and 100 roentgens per hour, depending on the still-undetermined proportion of protons to electrons.  Since a human being exposed for two days to even 10 roentgens would have only an even chance of survival, the radiation belts obviously present an obstacle to space flight.  Unless some practical way can be found to shield space-travelers against the effects of the radiation, manned space rockets can best take off through the radiation-free zone over

the poles.  A "space station" must orbit below 400 miles or beyond 30,000 miles from the earth.  We are now planning a satellite flight that will test the efficacy of various methods of shielding.

The hazard to space-travelers may not end even when they have passed the terrestrial radiation belts.  According to present knowledge the other planets of our solar system may have magnetic fields comparable to the earth's and thus may possess radiation belts of their own.  The moon, however, probably has no belt, because its magnetic field appears to be feeble... 

Solar flare and radiation foes in a 11 year cycle and was at a peak in 1969. Worse time to go outside the Van Allen Belts.  One of the worst solar flares happened in August 1972 (between Apollo 16 and 17) 960 REM (fatal)

Thin glass fiber, silicon, rubber of space suit and sheets of aluminum walls were not enough to protect the Astronauts from radiation.



The dangerous affects of radiation.  This is what would happen to the Astronauts.

1 Roentgen per month is safe.  50 Roentgens causes sickness, 500 Roentgens is fatal

Roentgen = the radiation that will produce 1 electrostatic unit of charge in one cubic centimeter *
named for Nobel Prize winner Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen (1845-1923).
REM = Roentgen Equivalent for Man

A typical dental ionizing X-ray for a split second
exposes patients to .15 - 0.5 Roentgens per film.
Van Allen Belts = 1000 times a dental x-ray.

Even non-ionizing radiation such as micro wave ovens can be dangerous

Captain Kirk and Vulcan Mr. Spock
after he suffers fatal radiation damage
to save the Enterprise.

Gross scene from scary movie
Last House On the Left
Father puts raper of his daughter in a microwave.

MoonFaker: Radioactive Anomaly

Earth is wrapped in deadly belts of radiation

by Dr. James Van Allen
Chief, Radiation Research, Iowa State U.

Space World Magazine, pp 22-23, 49, 53-54
December 1961

"All manned space flight attempts must steer clear of these two belts of radiation until adequate means of safeguarding the astronauts has been developed"

"But, though, mechanical and electronic equipment can operate within the high radiation areas, a living organism cannot survive this level of radiation damage.  Hence, all manned space flight attempts must steer clear of these two belts of radiation until adequate means of safeguarding the astronauts have been developed."

Astronauts going to the Moon allegedly spent about 40 minutes in the Alpha region
1,000,000 particles per square centimeter per second - 179 RADs/hour
and 20 minutes in the 2 million particle region - 30.464 RADS
87 + 30 (to Moon) +87 +30 (to Earth) = 234 RADS
500 RADS is enough to kill a man

NASA confirms the space suits do not protect against radiation: Sickening Solar Flares
"A typical space suit, meanwhile, has only 0.25 g/cm2, offering little protection. "

The Russians knew the Van Allen Belts are deadly too.
Dr. E. E. Kovalev

Radiation Protection During Space Flight
Institute of Biomedical Problems, USSR Ministry of Health
Moscow 123007, USSR


Dr. John H. Mauldin
PhD, Science Education, University of Texas; MS Physics, Purdue; BS Physics, Cornell
Worked on the NASA Voyager project
Prospects for Interstellar Travel - American Astronautical Society

John H. Mauldin has a bachelor's degree in engineering physics (Cornell University, master's in physics (Purdue University), and Ph.D. in science education (University of Texas).  He has four books published in science and technology covering mathematical graphics in Perspective Design (1985; second edition now being prepared), physics in Particles in Nature (1986), solar energy in Sunspaces (1987), and optics in Light, Lasers, and Optics (1988).  He has taught physics and engineering at several colleges and universities, done education research and development at MIT and University of Texas, and worked at NASA in electronic power engineering on an early phase of the Voyager missions.

Cosmic particles are dangerous, come from all sides, and require at least 2 meters of solid shielding all around living organisms.

Solar (or star) flares of protons, an occasional and severe hazard on the way out of and into planetary systems, can give doses of hundreds to thousands of REM over a few hours at the distance of Earth [b-Lorr].  Such does are fatal and millions of times greater than the permitted dose.  Death is likely after 500 REMs in any short time.

The Apollo capsule was not even 1/10 meter thick, the Van Allen Belts have over 100 REM/hour, so the astronauts could not have survived going to the Moon.

California Academy of Sciences (1959)
says the Van Allen Belts are deadly. Why not in 1969?

Dr. Earl S. Harold  on his Science In Action series.
California Academy of Sciences
"The Earth is surrounded by intense radiation."

Dr. R. Stephen White, Leader of the
Nuclear Effects Group,  Lawrence Livermore Laboratory
Inner and Outer Radiation Belts

Rocket launched from balloon from a ship
into Earth's orbit

"Rock-oon" (rocket from balloon) put geiger counters
into orbit ranging from 200 to 1500 miles

Radiation increased, then dropped to zero

Above 800 miles the radiation was so intense...

the Roentgens per hour dropped to zero
as the Geiger counter got over-loaded
When the instruments got below the Belt they recovered

Pioneer 3 confirmed the results at 65000 miles
and found a 2nd radiation belt
Sr. Staff Physicist Dr. Stanley Freden and Dr. Al Oliver

Low inner belt, about 800 miles, has 1 Roentgen/hour
Inner belt is maximum at 2000 miles out, 10 Roentgens/hour
Outer belt is maximum at 10000 miles out, up to 100 Roentgens/hour
A human should only get 1 Roentgen per month

To be safer, astronauts should go out and in
through the lower radiation regions at the Earth's poles
Inner belt: high energy electrons, low energy protons

Charged particles go through the film plates

Lines created by charged particles are studied on a numbered grid

Cosmic ray particles are absorbed by the atmosphere, protecting us
What shielding is needed to protect astronauts?

1 inch of lead to stop 90% of protons
6 inches of lead to stop 99% of protons

4. New honest NASA - Project Constellation
admits man did not land on the Moon yet.
The new generation is solving challenges to go to the Moon for real.

Orion mission Engineer Kelly Smith says the Van Allen Belts are dangerous


No astronauts will be aboard Orion, to measure the "extreme radiation"
"deeper into space than we have ever gone before"
"We will pass through the Van Allen Belts - an area of dangerous radiation"
 "We must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space"

"Radiation like this could harm; the guidance systems, on board computers or other electronics on arrival, naturally we have to pass through this danger zone twice, once up and once back , but Orion has protection.  Shielding will be put to the test as the vehicle cuts through the waves of radiation sensors aboard will record radiation levels for scientists to study.  We must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space.  For this flight its time to head home."

Honest NASA engineers design Van Allen Radiation Belt Storm Probes (RBSP)


Dr. Lou Lanzerotti - New Jersey Institute of Technology
Dr. Nicky Fox and Dr. Dan Smith - John Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory
Why make an expensive probe of the Van Allen Belts if they were really "harmless"
 to 1969-1972 Moon missions through them?

Colonel Terry W. Virts Jr, MSc (USAF)
International Space Station Commander, NASA Astronaut
Honest American Patriot


We only can fly in Earth orbit

NASA honestly acknowledges the Van Allen Belt of radiation with ORION

The Orion spacecraft is capable of carrying
astronauts on diverse expeditions beyond Earth's

orbit, ushering in a new era in human space exploration.
(new era? beyond Earth's orbit?  Didn't Apollo do that?)

Without the protection that the Earth provides, the crew
and systems of Orion would be exposed to the

full spectrum of space radiation.  As astronauts venture
into interplanetary space they will

also have to cross the Van Allen Belt, a highly
packed field of radiation around the Earth

also have to cross the Van Allen Belt, a tightly
packed field of radiation around the Earth

Orion will be able to use materials already stored inside the spacecraft
such as water, food, equipment

and other supplies which have been shown to
offer additional protection against radiation

Orion is capable of
landing 4 astronauts on the moon

Orion may circle the Moon by 2017 and the
first manned mission by 2021.

New Orion capsule with radiation shielding

Black blocks of radiation shielding

Blocks shield radiation and high temperatures

Covered with white metal


Elon Musk demonstrates the Dragon 2 space capsule
with thin walls, not enough for the Van Allen Belts of deadly radiation
although it is fine for low Earth orbit

Elon Musk and SpaceX will need to include lead shielding in the Dragon 3

Web  Site Mission - Truly Go to the Moon
not just with Grumman's Remote Controlled Lunar Module Truck

The purpose of this web site used to be to defend the official Moon landing story,
but during the process, we realized Nixon's 1969-1972 landings were fabricated,
even if done with good intentions, to avoid nuclear war with Russia at the time.

1. To boldly go where no man has (truly) gone before

2. Inspire Americans and NASA to establish a Moon base by 2020
with reasons to make it a high priority as a vital strategic location.

3. To promote truth about our accomplishments so far,
and stop resting and sleeping on past false laurels

4. Acknowledge the Van Allen Belt radiation problem
then solve it.  We can't solve a problem until we confront it.

5. Prevent "Tortoise and the Hare" situation
America sleeps, dreaming about a 1969-1972 fantasy,
while Russia or China land on the Moon first.

  Yutu rover emblazoned with Chinese Flag as seen by the Chang'e 3 lander on the moon on Dec. 15, 2013.  Credit: China Space
The easiest country to beat to the Moon is the one that sleeps, dreaming it already went.

Bad news: the USA never really landed men on the Moon in 1969-1972

Good news: an American can still be the first on the Moon in this generation.

The International Moon and Star Registry
Occupy the Moon

If we landed men on the Moon in 1969 we should be able to do it again.

A Moon base would be a highly beneficial base for the USA as a position of influence for any travel beyond the Moon If the USA could go, we would.

The USA has enough money to bail out bankers for $700 billion.  A single air craft carrier costs about $10 billion $30 billion should be no problem.

Now that we have a Space Station, where hundreds of Astronauts have gone,
a good platform for going on to the Moon, there is no reason for not going after 43 years
-- unless the Van Allen Belts of deadly radiation are an obstacle.

China Lunar Lander (Chang'e), Lunar Rover (Yutu) and Rock Retrieval

China's Chang'e rover

NASA could have sent a similar rover 1969-1972

False beliefs in the brain are like malware in your computer

Conveniently located near Capitol Hill and NASA Headquarters

American Moon Association

1629 K Street NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC  20006
American Moon Association
Lobbying Congress and NASA for an American Moon Base by 2030

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